HighPeak Team

Jack Hightower

Chairman, CEO, President

  • Extensive industry experience as a chief executive across a broad range of market conditions and Industry cycles

  • CEO of Bluestem Energy Partners ‐achieved a 3.5x+ ROI (~70% IRR) upon sale to multiple parties for approximately $630mm

  • CEO of Celero Energy Company (CeleroII) –Assets were a significant part of the Centennial Resource Development IPO (2.48x ROI, 13.3% IRR)

  • CEO of Celero Energy, LP –Within one year, company achieved 3 material transactions and a 9.2x return (480% IRR) 

  • CEO of Pure Resources, Inc. –publicly traded company eventually successfully merged back into Unocal (Titan/Pure: 6.1x ROI, 27% Net IRR)

  • CEO of Titan Resources, LP –Took company public and eventually merged with Unocal’s Permian Basin and Rocky Mountain assets thus forming Pure Resources

  • CEO of Enertex Inc.

  • CEO of United Oil Services, Inc.



Mike Hollis


  • President, COO, and Director of Diamondback Energy (NASDAQ: FANG)

  • Director Viper Energy Partners (NASDAQ: VNOM)

  • Drilling Manager at Chesapeake Energy

  • Both upstream and downstream experience with ConocoPhillips

  • Broad engineering exposure with Burlington Resources

Alan Huffman, PhD

EVP & Chief Technical Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer at Sigma Cubed Inc.

  • Chairman and CEO of Fusion Petroleum Technologies and Fusion Geophysical

  • Lyssa and Cyril Wagner Professor of Geology and Geophysics, University of Oklahoma

  • Manager, Seismic Imaging Technology Center, Conoco Inc.

  • Geophysical Applications Expert, Exxon Exploration Company

  • Exploration Geophysicist, Exxon Company USA

  • Science Manager, DOSECC (The U.S. Continental Drilling Program)

  • Research Fellow, Texas A&M University

Rodney Woodard

EVP & Chief Operating Officer

  • President and COO of Atlantic Resources

  • CEO and COO of Celero Energy II, LP

  • EVP and COO of CeleroEnergy LP

  • VP of Reserves and Evaluations at Pure Resources

  • VP of Engineering and Operations for Titan Exploration

  • VP of Selma International Investments Ltd

  • Division Manager for West Texas at Delta Drilling Company

  • Engineer at Amoco

Steven Tholen

Chief Financial Officer

  • President of SDL&T Energy Partners

  • SVP and CFO of Harvest Natural Resources, Inc

  • VP and CFO of Penn Virginia Corp.

  • Treasurer of Cabot Oil and Gas Corp.

  • Cash Manager of Reading & Bates Corp.

  • Managing GP of American Oaks, Inc.

  • Finance Manager of Sonat Offshore Drilling Inc.

David DeLaO

VP of Drilling

  • VP of Drilling –Northern Division at Chesapeake Energy

  • VP of Operations & Technical Services at Chesapeake Energy

  • VP of Drilling, Engineering & Development at Chesapeake Energy

  • Senior Drilling Engineer at Pure Resources

  • Staff Drilling Engineer at Conoco

  • Drilling and Completions at Mobil Oil

John Anderson

VP of Reservoir Engineering

  • VP‐Reservoir Engineering, Private Dallas‐based Company

  • Head Engineering Coordinator, Bluestem Energy Partners, LP

  • Senior Petroleum Engineer, Celero Energy II

  • Senior Petroleum Engineer, Whiting Oil and Gas/Celero Energy

  • Advising Petroleum Engineer, Pure Resources 

  • Staff/Senior Engineer, Exxon Company

Mike Metza

VP of Engineering

  • Senior Engineer at Atlantic Resources

  • Senior Engineer at Legacy Reserves

  • Senior Production Engineer at Celero Energy II, LP

  • Senior Engineer at Whiting Petroleum

  • Senior Engineer at Celero Energy

  • Senior Engineer at Pure Resources/Titan Exploration

  • Engineer at Exxon Company

Bruce Woodard

VP of Operations

  • VP of Operations at Atlantic Resources

  • VP of Operations at Celero Energy II, LP 

  • Operations Manager at Latigo Petroleum

  • Operations Manager at Saga Petroleum

  • Operations Manager at Pure Resources/Titan Exploration

  • VP of Operations at Selma International Investments

Jim Gresham

VP of Land

  • Managing Member, Leverage Oil and Gas, LLC

  • VP‐Land, Bluestem Energy Partners, LP

  • Land Director, Celero Energy, LP

  • Land Director, Pure Resources

  • VP‐Land, LMP Exploration Holdings, LLC

  • VP‐Land, American Capital Exploration Corporation

  • VP‐Land, Southstar Corporation

  • Land Manager, Cox Oil & Gas Inc.

  • Landman, Getty Oil Company

Daniel Silver

VP of Finance

  • Over 13 years of industry experience

  • Financial Planning and Analysis at Bluestem Energy Partners

  • Manager of Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Service Department of Whitley Penn, LLP

  • Geotech at Ocean Energy, Inc.

Ryan Hightower

VP of Business Development

  • Over 12 years of industry experience in Land & Finance

  • Independent oil and gas professional 

  • Managing Partner of TEMA Fund, LP

  • Portfolio Operations at Highland Capital Management

Chris Mundy

VP of Reserves & Evaluations

  • VP, Reserves & Planning at Petro Harvester Oil & Gas, LLC

  • VP, Chief Reservoir Engineer at Quicksilver Resources, Inc.

  • Manager, Engineering at Twin Butte Energy Ltd.

  • Manager, Corporate Projects at Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc.

  • E&P Analyst at Ross Smith Energy Group

  • Engineer at Encana Corporation

  • Engineer at PanCanadian Petroleum


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